Top 5 frequently asked questions for Quizizz

Quizizz is an innovative educational tool that combines the power of gamification, technology, and personalized learning. By transforming quizzes into engaging experiences, enhances student motivation, facilitates knowledge retention, and empowers teachers with valuable data-driven insights to optimize instruction.

Top 5 questions about Quizizz

How does Quizzizz work?

Quizizz is an interactive online learning platform that combines quizzes with gamification. Teachers create quizzes or choose from a library, and students join using a unique game code. They answer questions at their own pace, earning points for correct answers. Feedback is given instantly, and teachers gain insights into student performance. Quizizz fosters engagement, collaboration, and personalized learning in a fun and flexible manner.

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How long is Quiz free?

Quizizz’s generosity shines through its extensive free offerings. Teachers and students can access an array of features, including unlimited quiz creation, customization options, and limitless participation. The platform’s commitment to fostering collaboration and providing real-time assessment aligns with its mission to empower learners. While the free version of Quizizz delivers a remarkable learning experience, those seeking additional analytical insights and customization options may consider the premium version. In the realm of Quizizz, freedom, and learning go hand in hand, allowing educators and students to embark on a captivating educational journey without limitations.

Does Quizizz cost money?

No, Quizizz does not cost money. It offers a free version that allows teachers and students to create, share, and participate in unlimited quizzes without any charges. While there is a premium version of Quizizz available with additional features and benefits, the basic functionality and access to quizzes remain free of cost.

This ensures that Quizizz is accessible to a wide range of users, empowering educators and students to engage in interactive and gamified learning experiences without financial constraints.

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Can we copy Quiz?

No, copying Quizizz or any other proprietary educational platform is not permissible. Quizizz is a unique product developed by its creators and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Copying or reproducing Quizizz without proper authorization infringes upon these legal rights. It is important to respect the intellectual property of others and adhere to ethical practices in the educational domain.

What is better than Quizizz?

better than Quizizz

When it comes to interactive learning platforms, several alternatives to Quizizz offer unique features and experiences. Here is a list of platforms that are considered by some to be better than Quizizz, depending on specific requirements and preferences


Kahoot! is a widely popular gamified learning platform that allows teachers to create engaging quizzes, discussions, and surveys. It offers a competitive environment with real-time multiplayer functionality and a large library of pre-existing quizzes.


Quizlet is a versatile learning platform that enables users to create flashcards, quizzes, and study sets. It offers various study modes, including games, practice tests, and interactive learning activities.


EdPuzzle is an interactive video-based learning platform. It allows teachers to customize and enhance educational videos with embedded quizzes, voice-overs, and other interactive elements. EdPuzzle enables students to actively engage with video content while providing teachers valuable insights into their comprehension and progress.


Nearpod is an immersive platform that combines interactive presentations, quizzes, and collaboration tools. It offers engaging features like virtual reality (VR) field trips, 3D objects, and live interactive sessions. Nearpod empowers teachers to deliver captivating lessons while providing students with opportunities for active participation and reflection.


GoFormative is a formative assessment tool that enables teachers to create interactive assignments and quizzes. It offers real-time feedback, allowing teachers to monitor student progress and provide personalized guidance. GoFormative’s emphasis on individualized learning and data-driven insights makes it a compelling alternative to Quizizz.


ClassDojo is a comprehensive classroom management platform that promotes positive behavior, communication, and engagement. While it may not focus exclusively on quizzes, it offers a holistic approach to fostering a positive learning environment

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation and formative assessment tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Slides. It enables teachers to create engaging slide decks with interactive questions and activities. Pear Deck encourages student participation, allowing them to respond and interact directly with the presentation in real time.