How to Get the Black Emojis on Android: A Guide to Using Black Emojis on Android


Emojis have become an important part of our digital conversations because they make our words more interesting and personal. However, using different emojis to show differences is becoming more of a problem. Luckily, Android users can now use black emojis to show better how diverse our world is. This blog post will show you how to easily get to and use black emojis on your Android phone or tablet.

Why Emoji Diversity Matters

Why Emoji Diversity Matters


Emojis are a universal language, but the usual colour of yellow might not show the world’s wide range of skin tones. Because of this, big platforms like Android have added skin tone settings that properly show a wide range of beautiful skin tones.

 How to Get the Black Emojis on Android:  Step-by-Step Guide 

1. Update your Emoji Keyboard:

Ensure that your device’s operating system and keyboard app are up-to-date. Regular updates often include new emoji features, ensuring you have access to the latest options.

2. Choose a Diverse Emoji Keyboard:

Opt for a keyboard app that supports diverse emojis. Apps like Gboard, SwiftKey, and Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels offer various skin tone options, including black emojis.

3. Enable Skin Tone Options:

Open keyboard settings after selecting a varied emoji keyboard. Look for a choice that has something to do with different skin tones or images. By turning on the feature, you’ll see a broader range of skin tones, even black images.

4. Accessing Black Emojis:

Now that you’ve enabled the diverse emoji feature, you can access black emojis easily. When you select an emoji, a skin tone palette will appear, allowing you to choose the appropriate shade, including darker tones representing a broader range of ethnicities.

Benefits of Using Diverse Emojis:

  • inclusive communication: Diverse emojis help ensure your digital communication is inclusive and reflects real-world diversity.
  • Cultural Representation: Using black emojis allows for better representation of various cultures and ethnicities in your messages.
  • Enhanced Expression: Emojis are all about expressing emotions. Diverse emojis provide a more accurate representation of how people look and feel.

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Why should I use black emojis on my Android device?

Using black emojis allows for better representation of diverse skin tones, fostering inclusivity and ensuring your digital communication reflects our multicultural world.

How do I update my emoji keyboard on Android?

To update your emoji keyboard on Android, go to the Google Play Store, find your keyboard app (such as Gboard or SwiftKey), and click “Update” if an update is available.

Can I revert to the default yellow emojis after enabling diverse skin tones?

When selecting emojis, you can always choose the default yellow skin tone. The diverse skin tone feature provides options, but you can use the default.

Will using black emojis affect how others see my messages?

No, using black emojis won’t affect how others see your messages. Emojis are a personal expression, and the diverse skin tone options are meant to enhance your ability to communicate authentically.

Do I need a specific Android version to use black emojis?

While it’s recommended to have the latest Android version for optimal performance, the ability to use black emojis primarily depends on the emoji keyboard app you choose. Ensure that the app supports diverse emojis.

Can I use black emojis in any messaging app on my Android device?

Once you’ve enabled the diverse emoji feature on your keyboard app, you can use black emojis in any messaging app that supports emojis on your Android device. The emoji keyboard integrates seamlessly with various messaging platforms.


Digital communication diversity promotes understanding and inclusivity. Android’s support for black emojis lets users be more honest in expressing themselves. Following this guide, you can easily add and use black emojis on your Android device, making the emoji language more diverse and accurate for everyone. Show how beautiful our multicultural world is in your words.

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